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In the past, working from home was a strategy often designed to support working parents and those with a long commute. The ability to be there for kids after school when grandparents were not available made a massive difference to both parents and children. However it could mean that the person’s ability to collaborate and participate was inadvertently ‘muted’!

Being the only person in a meeting who was not in the room, did have its downside. Being on conference phone calls without video often meant that the person out of the room could be forgotten. The pandemic changed things and…

Have you ever described what you want a piece of software to do and ended up with something different? User stories provide a powerful way to communicate your needs and those of your users. Humans relate to stories which have them engage, rather than requirements that have them comply.

The traditional approach to developing a custom website/application/interface is to develop a detailed brief outlining all of your requirements. You hold an internal workshop and brainstorm ideas with your colleagues about what features they want and what they think customers may like. You list out what’s wrong with the current site…

The use of QR codes as a way to check in to a venue for contact tracing has elevated this technology to new heights. So will QR codes fade back into obscurity once the pandemic is over, or have they just opened up an enormous world of future potential for marketers?

The QR code was invented in 1994 and became popular in Japan in about 2002. However, it never really took off in most countries outside of Asia. Now, Coronavirus has thrust the QR code into everyone’s faces and it has finally achieved widespread adoption.

Before the pandemic, most of…

Being assessed and certified as carbon neutral is not as simple as paying a fee. It is quite an involved process, though one that is worth it. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

A few years ago we had time to reflect on the positive contributions we had made to the industry, to our clients, our team and society overall. While reviewing all the good stuff, we had to confront that we, like most businesses, had had a negative impact on the environment.

We have several offices with clients and team members in different locations…

I was working on a training session for our team presentation on psychological safety and why providing the space for people to speak up matters.

I’d found loads of examples about when people hadn’t spoken up and tragedy struck. For example the case of the junior pilot not wanting to tell the Captain that he had a made mistake, resulting in many people losing their lives. But to really make the point, to encourage action, I wanted to find the inverse — when somebody HAD spoken up and it made all the difference.

Then it hit me.

Around two years…

Techniques for transforming a high performing agile team with psychological safety

Nobody wants to look bad at work, at home or in just about any setting. We seek acceptance, and avoid rejection. When we look bad, its upsetting and possibly even embarrassing. Which means that we can hesitate when we need to speak up or have ideas to contribute. Because people often fear criticism, being wrong or feeling stupid, even if the threat of this is only imagined, it can have a profound impact on their willingness to participate.

The problems we face today are vastly more complex than those…

Breakout Rooms have become a vital training tool for training via video conferencing.

When presenting to an audience in person, you are seeking to create connection and engagement. Presenting on a screen from your lounge room to a virtual audience can leave you wondering if they are connected or engaged. Training distributed teams can feel like you are broadcasting on TV, where the communication is one-way. The trick is to break it up with Breakout Rooms, encouraging participants to engage in small groups about the training or presentation you are leading.

Training is now virtual and will be for some time.

A Zoom Breakout Room is a feature that allows…

Many of us are now all used to working from home to the point where it seems completely normal. Only a few months ago it had a stigma attached to it that limited a range of meetings and ultimately dictated where people could work from. Things have changed. Is the office dead?

Will the offices remain empty?

The tech industry has been working in distributed teams for at least the last decade. For many, their spare room is the satellite office in the State, far from their main office.

As technology improved, more companies provided the ability to work from home on a more regular…

The Bali bombing of 2002 was a near miss for many people, though for 202 people it cost them their lives. A children’s shelter was established in honour of one of the victims of that tragedy, Jodie O’Shea.

Jodie O’Shea House — Supporting kids in Bali following the bombing in 2002

People were having a great time, 28 degrees, the music blaring, the drinks flowing, a standard night in Bali’s entertainment precinct. Marcus was talking to some players from the North Melbourne Football Club when he decided he had had enough drinks and it was time to go home. He wandered out the front, turned left, and walked past a long line of…

Working from home can be difficult and isolating

As teams, we generally don’t want to isolate people. In fact we all spent a lot of time seeking to include people. This is easier in person and it takes more effort when a team is not used to everyone working from so many locations. Right now we need people to isolate. The challenge is ensuring that they do not feel isolated.

Working from home is critical right now as literally billions of people around the world are being asked to stay home. Many businesses have failed and many people have lost their jobs. Businesses that can continue to operate…

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