People want a tangible link between their donor funds and the cause they are trying to impact

Disaster has struck Australia over several months, with 2019 and 2020’s historically savage bush fires ravaging the lives of our people and wildlife.

These fires have claimed the lives of 28 people, engulfed 7.3 million hectares and affected the lives of almost half a billion animals. These horrific conditions have seen everyone from everyday Australians to international celebrities donate their money to provide assistance.

Many animals were impacted by the fires and have decided not to show the fires impact on them.

Donations rising from the ashes

Large displays of support have been fierce in response to these bush fires. From local Australians donating what they can, to Australian celebrities bringing awareness to their international friends, there has been over $500 million raised for bush fire relief funds. $50 million alone has been raised by a comedian with an international audience, highlighting how everyone has come together in this time of crisis.

Mangrove Forest in Bali, Indonesia



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